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Version 2.00

Version 2.00 is a major release where the frontend has been rebuilt from ground up.

Technical background

The new user interface is built on top of technologies most developers are familiar with:

  • Laravel blade templates.
  • Sass with vite.

The source code can be found in the following directories:

  • resources/themes/blue for Saas with Vite.
  • resources/views/blue for all blade templates.

Blade templates are built in a descriptive way, where it is very easy to guess the template functionality from the template name. And here is the new folder structure

Folder structure

Now in total, we have the following technology stacks used in the software:

  • Lit for dashboard components.
  • Laravel APIs to communicate with the dashboard components.
  • Laravel blade + saas to render the website frontend.

Update method

You must backup your database before proceeding.

During the update, you will have to take into consideration the following points:

  • Content Blocks are now heavily used, this version comes with almost 80 new positions, mainly to build the home page contents.

  • During the update, your current Content Blocks might be overwritten.

  • Inner Pages will be overwritten terms, privacy policy, contact,and the QR Code generator pages e.g vCard QR code generator.

  • Your custom pages other than the ones that are shipped by default with the script will not be affected.

  • We were forced to overwrite Contact page to be compatible with the new design system.

  • New menus introduced in the admin area, can be customized from Settings > Menus.