Change Log

2023-05-27 v2.18.1

  • Removed /s/ from the QR code URL, old QR codes will still work WITHOUT redirect.
  • Custom Domain: you can now set a default QR code to be shown when opening the root URL of any custom domain anstead of showing your script homepage. From System > Domains > Edit.
  • Added 2 new outlined shapes: Teddy and Boot.
  • Powered By can now be removed from Plans > Edit > Features > Remove Powered By.
  • Added custom code inputs in dynamic biolinks.
  • Bugfix: frontend doesn't recognize if user is logged in or no.
  • Bugfix: add to Contacts button position is wrong in vCard+.
  • Bugfix: background image is not showing in vCard+.
  • Bugfix: box shadow is visible in vCard+ when no background option is selected.
  • Bugfix: error message is not showing when there is many missing translation keys in Translation Form page.
  • Bugfix: added an error message in invite user screen when a folder is not selected.

2023-05-20 v2.18

  • All outlined shapes are added to the compatible SVG system, but Stickers, Logos are not added yet. You can now click on the download SVG button and you will get the compatible file.
  • Improved cronjob handling to never stop even when when executing large amount of queued jobs.
  • Dashboard sidebar - Improvement: preserve scroll position after page navigation.
  • Dashboard sidebar - Bugfix: some menu items are not active after clicked.
  • Bulk Operation Bugfix: sample CSV data cannot be downloaded in some hosting environments.
  • Removed space around the circle QR code shape, so the actual QR code is larger now.
  • Bugfix: Cannot change currency in PayPal QR Code.
  • Bugfix: recent blogs on mobile is rendered in a wrong way.
  • Free plan support: now you can make any plan free of charge and your users won't be redirected to any payment gateway after check out page.
  • Added an option in vCard+ to hide Contacts section or icons or show both.
  • Added description field to vCard+ portfolio section.
  • Product Catalogue: add link to product title.

2023-05-13 v2.17

  • Bulk URL QR Codes Import/Export. WATCH DEMO.
  • Auth0 integration (which would allow you to add social logins using auth0 authentication flow).
  • Added missing translations in QR Code stats page.
  • Added an option in vCard+ to remove the logo background or to have a round background.
  • Minor improvement: changed alignement of custom links in vCard+ to the center.
  • Bugfix: QR code name is not added to the tab title of any dynamic page.
  • Added blog section to the home page.

2023-05-07 v2.16.1

  • Bugfix: Arabic is not showing in the Translations list after updating to v2.16.
  • Added offline transactions notifications to the translations json file.
  • Bugfix: PayTR payment processor receiving many webhooks.
  • Bugfix: register button is not working in Event QR code.
  • Bugfix: custom code is not working in Event QR code.
  • Added empty area around QR code in all shapes to improve QR code detection.

2023-05-06 v2.16

This update comes with 3 new features (Event, RTL, Shopping Cart).

  • Add new dynamic type Event. Regular and Extended License.
  • Added Arabic language.
  • Added Shopping Cart in account credit billing mode, see video.
  • Added Right to Left support (RTL).
  • Added splash screen option in vCard+ QR code type.
  • Removed static Event type completely.
  • Missing translation: in Telegram type.
  • Bugfix: scan fails when device is not recognized.
  • Bugfix: text not supporting German language in email notifications.
  • Added missing QR code types in Content Blocks positoins (Bio Links, Google Review, vCard+, Product Catalogue, Restaurant Menu, Business Profile).

2023-05-04 v2.15.3

  • Bugfix: wrong position of logo image in vCard+

2023-04-30 v2.15.2

  • Updated device detection library to the latest version to detect new mobile models.
  • Improvement: pincode input in the dashboard will not accept more than 5 digits.
  • Verification Email and Password Reset Email can now be translated using the language json file.
  • Bugfix: add to contacts do not work properly when logo image is not provided in vCard+
  • Bugfix: QR code sticker is not updated when pincode is changed.
  • Bugfix: dashboard link in my account page doesn't work
  • UI Bugfix: preview link is not visibile in QR code list page when the QR code name is long

2023-04-24 v2.15.1

  • New sticker: PIN Code Protected sticker, adds the pin code automatically below the QR code. Can be selected only when the QR code is protected with a PIN Code. **WATCH DEMO
  • Prefill the existing value in PIN Code popup.
  • Added automatic tax collection for Stripe, can be enabled from Payment Processors > Stripe
  • Added padlock icon next to Protect By PIN Code link.
  • Added different icons to show clearly if PIN Code is set or no in QR Code list page.
  • Added an option to change the login page background colors from Settings > Appearance > Login Page Styles.
  • Added an option to change the login page logo from Settings > Logo & Favicon > Logo > Login Logo.
  • Open mobile keyboard automatically in PIN Code screen.
  • Bugfix: offline transactions failure after uploading the payment proof.

2023-04-21 v2.15

  • Added dynamic BioLinks block, you can now create your custom blocks to fit your target market needs WATCH DEMO.
  • PIN Code protection WATCH DEMO
  • Improved custom domain connectivity behavior, if application is accessible it will not give CNAME error even if it's not found.

2023-04-20 v2.14.3

  • Bugfix: social icons not showing in Product Catalogue and in Restaurant Menu.
  • Bugfix: Custom Code fails to render when JavaScript code is added in BioLinks.
  • UI fix: icons on mobile are large.
  • UI fix: BioLinks blocks do not fit in mobile screen (dashboard area).

2023-04-15 v2.14.2

  • SVG compatibilty: migrated 33 shapes to the new compatible SVG system. Compatible SVGs can be opened in Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator.
  • Added preview link in QR code list page next to dynamic QR codes.
  • Bugfix: remaining days showing always yearly subscription days in account page.
  • Bugfix: header logo not accepting svg files.
  • Text rendering: built dockerized layer that can be used when the operating system doesn't supprt the latest version of inkscape. Can be enabled by setting INKSCAPE_DOCKERIZED=true in the .env file.
  • Updated translation strings.
  • Fixed PHP deprecation warning in Folder Manager class.
  • Fixed PHP deprecation warning in Blog Post Manager class.

2023-04-08 v2.14.1

  • Added account balance input in user form, so admin can change the balance of any user manually.
  • Added HEX option in color picker component.
  • Added sort order field in vCard+ portfolio.
  • Added support link in dashboard area which is visible to system admin only, can be disabled from System > Advanced > Others > Support Link in Dashboard Header.
  • Added an option to show logo instead of QR Code in vCard+.
  • Added portfolio (multiple images) input in business profile type.
  • Added an option in for system admin to change the ownership of any QR code.
  • Added dynamic success page in Orange payment processor.
  • Improved sort order (defaults to 100 instead of 0) in Restaurant Menu (items, categories, allergens), and in Product Catalogue (items, categories). Instead of having the user to enter negative value to put item first, he can just enter 0 or 1 and item will be moved to first place automatically.
  • Implemented copy feature for dynamic QR code.
  • Updated translation strings.
  • Bugfix: Orange Burkina Faso payment not working.
  • Bugfix: PayTR webhook received multiple times.
  • Bugfix: PayTR amount rendered multiplied by 100.
  • Bugfix: PayTR showing USD instead of TRY.

2023-04-03 v2.14

2023-04-02 v2.13.1

  • New block: Single Image block.
  • New block: Custom Code block, can have HTML, CSS or JavaScript code embedded in the biolinks.
  • Bugfix: Short URL input and View Stats link are available on some static QR code pages.
  • UX improvement: default value for gradient input is now consists of 4 color stops to better reflect the ability of adding more than 2 colors.
  • Save user agent string in qrcode_scans table after every scan.
  • UI improvement in Login page: added gradient background which is dynamically generated to match your colors specified from the dashboard area.
  • UI improvement in Login page: added the website logo in login page.

2023-03-25 v2.13

  • Bio Links new dynamic type Extended license only. WATCH DEMO.
  • Bugfix: add to contacts button color cannot be changed in vCard+
  • Bugfix: custom code showing below Powered by in vCard+
  • Verificaiton email after sign up is now sent on the main thread instead of cronjob.
  • Bugfix: QR codes can be created through the API even if limits are reached.

2023-03-19 v2.12.8

  • Added recommended image size in business profile and vCard+
  • Bugfix: add to contacts button color cannot be changed in vCard+
  • Food allergens bug fix, in Restaurant Menu QR code.
  • Pagination bugfix in dashboard pages.
  • Bugfix: Sub Category items not showing in full height when sub category is selected.

2023-03-18 v2.12.7

  • Content Blocks: added language filter.
  • Content Blocks: added delete all blocks of language button.
  • Content Blocks: added copy all blocks from language to another.
  • Bugfix: show only the current language content blocks when a single language is enabled.
  • Added a note about SVG files not being compatible with vector editing softwares in the download QR code page.
  • Removed WeChat because there is no easy way to get the direct WeChat QR code to work.
  • Bugfix: Viber QR code doesn't work if + symbol is added.
  • Improvement: Event fail to scan when end date is before start date, added form validation entry.
  • QR code type sort order: you can now control the order of all QR code types from Settings > QR Code Types > Sort Order.
  • Home page banner can now be changed from Settings > Appearance > Others.
  • Business Profile: logo made littlebit larger.
  • Powered by: Added an entry in Settings > General to change the powered by text.
  • Added best image size in Menu Item popup and Product Item popup.
  • Bugfix: black color cannot be selected with the color picker component.
  • Added parent category name in Menu Item popup, in the category selector component. Something like: Parent > Child.

2023-03-16 v2.12.6

  • Translation seeder bug fix.
  • Add additional working hours per day in opening hours modal, see feature demo.

2023-03-15 v2.12.5

  • Added FAQs to vCard+
  • Added Custom Links to vCard+
  • Added new sticker: Healthcare.

2023-03-15 v2.12.4

  • New dynamic type: Product Catalogue.
  • Updated icons in the home page generator.
  • Bugfix: special characters break the installer.

2023-03-13 v2.12.3

  • Bugfix: super admin cannot add menu item.

2023-03-13 v2.12.2

  • Bugfix: Trial Expired notification is sent to every trial user after sign up, regardless if their trial is expired or no.
  • Added Food Allergens to Restaurant Menu.
  • Added an option to disable Restaurant Menu images.
  • Added an option to control the font size of Resturant Menu Name.
  • Bugfix: Subscription rules (QR code count, and scan count) are not enforced on the UI.

2023-03-11 v2.12.1

  • Bugfix in Restaurant Menu: category cannot be added when a logo is uploaded.

2023-03-11 v2.12

  • Restaurant Menu new dynamic QR code type. Extended License only.
  • Added 20 templates to vCard+.
  • vCard+: added an option to choose Add to Contact button style (floating / classic).
  • vCard+: added an option to choose the social icons position (either abover portfolio or below contact details).
  • Added terms and conditions consent to the sign up page.
  • Bugfix: Expiring Soon notification is not sent.
  • Added opening hours to Restaurant Menu.
  • Added serving hours to Restaurnt Menu (categories).
  • Added sub category to Restaurant Menu.
  • Added automatic autoscroll down in Restaurant Menu.

2023-03-06 v2.11.1

  • Google Review collector better API key error handling.
  • Paddle payment processor: added plan frequency next to plan name in plan mapping field.

2023-03-04 v2.11

  • Added Google Review dynamic type. Available for both Regular and Extended license.
  • Bugfix in Orange Burkina Faso payment gateway integration.
  • Added some missing translation lines.
  • Bugfix website homepage fails if there is no header menu.
  • Log level is now info after installation complete.

2023-02-28 v2.10.3

  • Bugfix: translation list showing all entries enabled.
  • Bugfix: plan showing always yearly frequency in checkout form.
  • Bugfix: plan showing always yearly frequency in embedded payment processor form.
  • Bugfix: PayTr payment processor error.
  • Minor UI fix: user select on mobile wrongly styled in QR code list page.
  • Bugfix: currency symbol rendered in wrong position when it should be after the amount.
  • Added: 32 preset logos to Review Collector sticker.
  • Added: Optional MaxMind web based IP lookup integration for better lookup results.

2023-02-27 v2.10.2

  • Added user filter in QR code list (for super admin).
  • Added an option to show QR codes of currently logged in user by default (for super admin).
  • Added an option to remove Customize Design button from the frontend generator.
  • Bugfix: Dynamic URL server error when it's used from the frontend generator.

2023-02-26 v2.10.1

  • The following minor updates are done in Business Profile QR code type:
  • Phone - If no entry remove phone icon from end web page
  • Email - If no entry remove email icon from end web page
  • Maps URL - If no entry remove map icon from end web page
  • Opening Hours - Option of turning off opening hours
  • Business Address - If no entry remove business address box from end web page
  • Default images are changed for Garage and Builder.
  • Added new sticker: Review Collector.
  • Bugfix: vCard+ server error when only a single portfolio image is uploaded.
  • Added functionality to create folders while inviting users.

2023-02-25 v2.10

  • Added: vCard+ dynamic QR code type Extended License Only.

2023-02-23 v2.09.4

  • Added 15 new business profile templates. Barbers, Electrictians, Builders, Gardeners / Landscapers, Cafes, Mechanics, Garages, Joiners / Carpenters, Car Valeters / Detailers, Painters / Decorators, Plasterers, Cleaners, Roofers, Accountants, Lawyer / Solicitors

2023-02-22 v2.09.3

  • Bugfix: scan limits are not applied for sub users.
  • Bugfix: dynamic QR code limits are not applied for sub users.
  • Added act as link in user list, to allow the admin to login to client accounts with one click.

2023-02-21 v2.09.2

  • Bugfix: QR code scan limit are not applied when QR code is deleted (because all scans objects are removed from the database before deleting the QR code).
  • Bugfix: Trial subscription is not showing any warning when the subscription status is set manually by admin to expired.
  • Added QR code type page URLs can now be translated from the admin menu.

2023-02-21 v2.09.1

  • Bugfix: Business Profile QR code fail to render.
  • Bugfix: pricing plans page showing old design.
  • Bugfix: dynamic QR codes created by sub users fail to scan 500 error.
  • Bugfix: client user cannot delete QR codes created by sub users.

2023-02-20 v2.09

  • Added Folders feature Extended License Only.
  • Added User Invites feature Extended License Only.
  • Added Orange Burkina Faso payment processor.
  • Added plan frequency next to the plan name in subscriptions form.
  • Added finfo php extension to the system status page.
  • Added DomDocument php extension to the system status page.
  • Added Cache-Control header the default .htaccess file (in public directory) to boost the website speed.
  • Added trial expired notification.
  • Added language column in Content Blocks list.
  • When a translation is activated, all content blocks will be imported to it automatically.
  • Bugfix: select element is not clickable in Firefox.
  • Bugfix: the frontend generator is blank when clicking on Customize Design button.
  • Bugfix: QR code type pages are not filled automatically during the update.

2023-02-14 v2.08

  • Added monthly and yearly options in subscription plans.
  • Bugfix: breadcumb link to dashboard not working.

2023-02-13 v2.07

After Update Action QR code logo is now available in plan configuration, you can add it from the plan form to each plan separately.

  • Added website banner background instead of the plain white background.
  • User account page: users can now see how many days are remaining in their subscription, they can also change their password from the newly created user profile page.
  • Added settings: iframe prevention can be disabled from Settings > Advanced > Integration section. This allows the dashboard area to be embedded in iframes.
  • Frontend colors change: you can now change main colors of the frontend from Settings > Appearance > Frontend Styles.
  • Frontend image override: any frontend image can now be overriden and your changes will not be lost in the next release. See the new feature explaination in our docs portal.
  • Added mobile number field: can be set to optional or mandatory from Settings > General.
  • Added Notification system: dynamic notifications can be configured from System > Notifications.
  • SMS Portals: a place where you can set your SMS api credentials, we will keep adding new drivers based on customers input.
  • Translations can now be activated even if they are not completed.
  • UI improvement: added parallax effect in business profile dynamic type.
  • Added business type input to Business Profile type.
  • Added text color input to Business Profile type.
  • User email can now be manually verified by admin from the User Edit form.
  • Bugfix: View Stats link doesn't work in QR code form.
  • Bugfix: Host field in domains form not accepting domains with hyphen.

2023-02-06 v2.06

  • Bugfix: Business Profile not available if the script is not freshly installed.

2023-02-05 v2.05

  • New dynamic QR code type: Business Profile - available only to extended license.
  • Added: field validation for every QR code data form.

2023-01-29 v2.04

  • Bugfix: fresh installation fail.

2023-01-29 v2.03

  • Multilingual support.
  • Added: currency symbol before or after the price.
  • Added: trial plan information below pricing table in the home page.
  • Bugfix: Paddle payment processor not working with the new UI.
  • Bugfix: Offline payment processor not working with the new UI.

2023-01-25 v2.02

  • Bugfix: QR code preview wrong position in the home page.
  • Added: PayKickstart payment processor integration.
  • Bugfix: Pricing table showing the yearly price instead of monthly.

2023-01-23 v2.01

  • Translation bugfix.
  • Added payment thank you page and canceled pages to the new design.

2023-01-23 v2.00

Major release the frontend has been rebuilt. To upgrade your script, please read the release note.

  • Frontend UI rebuilt from ground up.

2023-01-14 v1.22

  • UI fix in stats page: export links in mobile devices are wrongly aligned.
  • Minor improvement: email can now have multiple recepients, separated by comma or semicolon.
  • Added view stats link in edit QR code page.
  • Bugfix: home page QR code generator text fail to render on first load.

2023-01-07 v1.21

  • Added: Countries report.
  • Added: Cities report.
  • Added: Hour of the day report.
  • Added: export CSV button to every chart.
  • Added: export PNG button to every chart.

2023-01-01 v1.20

Rebuilt stats page

  • Added reports (in stats page): Scans Per Day, Scans Per Operating System, Scans Per Device Brand.
  • Added Mollie payment processor.
  • Added PayStack payment processor.
  • Added Alipay (China) payment processor.
  • Added YooKassa payment processor.
  • Improved the payment processor framework.
  • Improved Paddle payment processor plan selection, now plans can be selected with balloon selector instead of entering each plan ID.
  • Improved UX of the copy button in short URL input.
  • Added copy button next to webhook URL in payment processor forms.

2022-12-24 v1.19.5

  • PayPal payment processor bug fix.
  • Added Xendit payment processor.
  • Translation file validation: now the error details will have all missing translation keys.

2022-12-19 v1.19.4

  • Added PayFast payment processor.
  • Added an option in Settings > General to set a custom link to Pricing Plans page.
  • Subscription Plan form will show direct checkout link if Custom Frontend is used.

2022-12-17 v1.19.3

Important: Static pages (contact, about, terms, privcay ..) are no more managable through Content Blocks. Please go to Pages module and modify each page as needed after this update.

  • Added Razorpay payment processor (recurring and one time integration).
  • Added payment processor.
  • Added MercadoPago payment processor.
  • Added PayTR payment processor.
  • Added about, contact, terms and conditions, and privacy policy to Pages module.
  • Bugfix: handle file not found errors instead of throwing a server error.
  • Bugfix: payment processors fail to sync prices when a new currency enabled.
  • Installation Wizard: added mail encryption balloon selector instead of plain text input.
  • Installation Wizard: added an option to skip SMTP setup.

2022-12-10 v1.19.2

  • Added validation rule for custom frontend URL in settings form to prevent user error when the input points to the home page of the script.
  • Added fade in animation on load.
  • Added an option to select what QR Code types are available, if a type is unchecked it will be removed from all pages. It is available under System > Settings > QR Code Types.
  • Renamed Settings > Pages tab to Settings > QR Code Types.

2022-12-08 v1.19.1

  • Added Paddle payment gateway integration (subscription based).
  • Offline payment gateway is added under Payment Processors.
  • Bugfix: horizontal scroll in QR code list in mobile devices.
  • Bugfix: Dashboard browser router bug fix.
  • Bugfix: Logo slogan width calculation bug fix (when using the default logo where the logo image is not uploaded).
  • Bugfix: Payment processors cause database connection error on new installation.

2022-12-03 v1.19

Main Feature rebuilt payment gateway integrations to make it easier to add new payment gateways in future. Payment Gateways are now called Payment Processors and settings page can be found under Finanace > Payment processors.

Important offline payment gateway is removed from this release and will be added in the next release.

After update action please test out your payment integration after this update and let us know if you encouter any error.

  • Test payment processors credentials after saving them, and show an error message if credentials are invalid.
  • Bugfix: Facebook Messenger QR code doesn't accept URLs as an input.
  • Bugfix: Cannot delete user if he created custom domains.
  • Added copy icon next to short link input in QR code edit page.
  • Bugfix: Domain is not updated in the preview URL in short link pop up.
  • Bugfix: QR code PNG file is not re-generated after short link changes.
  • Added download SVG, PNG links in QR code list page.
  • Form steps are enabled now in QR code form when editing a QR code.

2022-11-23 v1.18.1

  • Added an option to disable subscription plans, available under Settings > Advanced > App Monetization.
  • Moved Google API Key input in Settings > Integrations tab to Settings > Advanced and removed Integrations tab.
  • Re organzied Settings > General tab by adding 2 more sections (no new fields were added).
  • Ignored www. subdomain when checking if the app is serving custom domain.

2022-11-22 v1.18

Main feature Domains and URL Shortning. Allows you to serve dynamic QR codes from customers websites.

After update actions: please edit each available plan and add value for the number of custom domains input.

  • Changed dates colors in QR code row to black.
  • Added created by field to each QR code row when user is logged in as an admin.
  • Added badge option to menu builder, once added an animated badge will be rendered next to the menu item in client dashboard.
  • Bugfix: WIFI QR Code shows no usable data with password protected networks.
  • Preformance improvement: generate faster preview when changing sticker text color.
  • Bugfix: double click to enlarge in QR code list page doesn't work.
  • Bugfix: notification emails are sent to wrong recepients when sending multiple emails.

2022-11-12 v1.17.5

  • Performance improvement: added browser text rendering to boost the rendering engine speed, this would make a huge difference with multi text positions stickers like Coupon Sticker.
  • Browser text rendering can be enabled / disabled from System Settings > Advanced (tab) > Performance (section).
  • Login Security: now you can choose to enable login security option to lock the user account after x failed login attempts. Configuration can be found in System Settings > Advanced > Login Security section. This option is disabled by default.
  • Removed: Security tab from System Settings.
  • Added: Advanced tab to System Settings page.
  • Bufgix: app name rendered with double qoutes in notification emails.

2022-11-08 v1.17.4

  • Logout button bugfix when the logout action is redirect to home page.
  • UI Bugfix: in QR code list page, when name is long the layout would result in horizontal scroll on mobile devices.
  • Plan list page: added Trial column, added instructions to keep only a single trial plan.
  • Added: System > Settings > Security tab: you can now set up your password validation rule, you can set min length, and decide whether a special character or a number is required...

2022-11-06 v1.17.3

  • Add how many scans and how many QR codes are left to user account, based on his plan, the widget is added to the left sidebar in the dashboard area.
  • Update translations with missing keys.
  • Added new Custom Code positions to make ad serving possible in different areas of the website.
  • Bugfix: dynamic URL QR code generation fails if the URL is longer than 100 charachters, now this limit has been increaased to 250 and if the destination URL is longer than that it will be silently truncated without causing any server errors.

2022-11-05 v1.17.2

  • Added a link to completly delete a QR code. It is only available when the QR code is archived.
  • Added an option to enable default browser scrollbar.
  • Updated translation files with missing keys.
  • Translation files upgrade framework: whenever we update the translation files in any version, it will be auto updated in your system with database update framework. Before translation updates were available only on fresh installations.
  • Bugfix: added text message to 404 errors.
  • Bugfix: dynamic QR code is saved as static text if the page is changed without pressing next / back button.
  • Bugfix: content blocks in inner pages.

2022-10-30 v1.17.1

  • Added all dynamic pages to sitemap.xml.
  • Bugfix: sitemap.xml fails to render.
  • Bugfix: cannot delete user if scans are made.

2022-10-29 v1.17

Main feature: Pages module. You can now create your own HTML static pages right from within your dashboard area, static pages will not be lost with future updates.

  • Bugfix: multiple logout bugs.
  • Bugfix: sitemap.xml fails to render.
  • SEO improvement: each QR code type in the home page now leads to a standalone page that is created with the Pages module.
  • SEO improvement: added meta description field to blog post form.
  • SEO improvement: added home page meta description field in System > Settings > General.
  • Add Pages module: now you can create unlimited inner pages from within your dashboard.
  • Default static pages can be overriden by dynamic pages module if the URL is the same.
  • Added: check if scan limits are reached when scanning the QR code..
  • Added: check if QR is archived when scanning the QR code.
  • Added: check if user subscription is ended when scanning the QR code.
  • Added all available QR code types to the home page generator.
  • Added robots.txt route which contains the sitemap URL automatically. Note please delete the default robots.txt file found in /public/robots.txt so the dynamic route would take effect.
  • Changed the default Laravel's error page.
  • UX improvement: changed URL QR Code and Text type names to Dynamic URL and Static Text / URL to make it easier to understand the difference.
  • Settings > General: new registrations can be disabled from system settings page.
  • Filemanager: improved resource file serving - added name and content length headers.

2022-10-22 v1.16

Breaking Change After installing this update please go to Plans > [Plan name] and select shapes and stickers which should be available to each plan, otherwise, application users wont be able to use any shapes.

  • 1x Sticker: Coupon.
  • 8x Shapes: Travel, Dentist, Golf, Pizza, Locksmith, Bakery, Painter, Pest.
  • 5x QR code types: Call, Telegram Message, Facebook Messenger, WeChat Message, Viber Chat.
  • New command: php artisan cache:google-fonts to cache all Google fonts to your local server, so no additional calls to Google server will be made in future.
  • Added automatic name filling for types: Event, WhatsApp, Facetime.
  • Outlined shapes and stickers are now configurable based on the user plan. You can change available shapes and stickers per plan from Plan form.
  • UX Improvement: added search input to filter available option of Balloon Selector component (when we have more than 10 options). You can check this feature in Plan form.
  • UX Improvement: sticker text fonts are now editable in a modal to keep the design form clean.
  • Bugfix: redirect loop when clicked on Logout if the after logout action is redirect to home page.
  • Bugfix: logout button in the dashboard sidebar not functional.

2022-10-15 v1.15.4

  • Menu builder, available in Settings > Menus. Currently supports client dashboard sidebar.
  • License verification system upgrade. Now we collect the website URL along with the server IP when validating the license.
  • Bugfix: user cannot login after password is changed by an admin.
  • Bugfix: home page sections fail to render on some environments.
  • Bugfix: price is not synced with Stripe when modifying any plan price.

2022-10-08 v1.15.3

  • QR code list page: added copy link on each QR code row.
  • Subscription plan form: added an option to disabled or enable copy link based on the plan.
  • 4 x Outlined shapes: Cooking, Gardening, Furniture, Mobile, Restaurant.
  • Added privacy policy and terms & conditions pages (managable via Content Blocks module).
  • SEO improvement: remove trailing slash from any web URL to prevent duplicate content.
  • SEO improvement: website name is changed to be after the page title in the meta title (title tag).
  • Minor UI improvement: images in blog posts and content blocks are now responsive, won't be larger than the outer container.
  • Bugfix: settings form horizontal scroll on mobile.
  • Bugfix: dashboard logo links to the frontend when frontend links option is disabled in General.
  • Bugfix: cronjob error due to file ownership issue.
  • Bugfix: subscription plan cannot be saved with empty features / qr_types.

2022-10-01 v1.15.2

  • 1 x Outlined shape: Home Mover.
  • 1 x QR code type: Brazillian PIX.
  • Added Custom Codes you can now add custom codes in many positions. Supported positions are: head tag before close, body tag before close and after open. Built on top on an advanced code editor (Monaco editor which used by Visual Code), 3 langauges are supported (JavaScript, HTML, CSS).
  • System Settings: created new Integrations tab with an option to add Google API Key, which is used in auto translation feature.
  • System Settings > General: added an option to disable frontend links from the dashboard.
  • Event form: added Timezone select. Added 'None' option to frequency selector.
  • Bugfix: logo upload fails due to changes made in v.15.1
  • Bugfix: page title unformatted when app name is changed from the admin panel after installation.
  • Some typos are fixed here and there :)

2022-09-25 v1.15.1

  • System status: added mbstring extension check.
  • System settings: added file inputs for all available favicon variations.
  • System settings: ability to change app name and slogan.
  • Bugfix: fresh installation fails due to recent changes on the subscription plans table - introduced in v1.15.

2022-09-24 v1.15

Breaking Change You will have to add QR types for each plan (Finance > Plans), otherwise, your users won't be able to create any QR code if no QR types are associated with their plan.

  • Added 8 new QR code types: WhatsApp, FaceTime, Location, Event, Crypto, PayPal, Zoom, Skype. Total is 14 types now. New types are available for logged in users in Create QR Code page.
  • Subscription plan form: you can now select which QR types are available for each plan.
  • Subscription plan form: Added trial days field to subscription plan form (visible only when plan is trial).
  • UI improvement: logo made large in both home page and dashboard.
  • UX improvement: added gradient border to the color picker box to make it easier for users to click on it. Unified the experience on all devices (mobiles and desktops).
  • UX improvement: added instructions below font picker to make it easier for users to search Google fonts. Added a tip if the language is not supported by selected font.
  • Bugfix: static vs dynamic QR codes section is rendered in the home page even if all related content blocks are deleted.
  • Bugfix: special charachters break the installer if used in any installation step.

2022-09-19 v1.14.2

  • Bug fix: fresh installation fail due to database connection issue.

2022-09-18 v1.14.1

  • Bug fix: logout button not redirecting to any page if custom frontend option is not set.
  • Bug fix: favicon not rendered on Chrome.

2022-09-17 v1.14

This release includes many of long-waited platform improvements:

  • Logo change: you can now change the app logo and favicon from System / Settings page.
  • Custom frontend: an option to disable the whole frontend, this would help you design your own frontend with any content mangement system e.g wordpress and you may host the script itself on a subdomain. You can set this option from System / Settings > Frontend Custom URL.
  • Action after logout: you can now change the redirect action after logout, either to redirect to the home page or to redirect to the login page.
  • Input placeholder font style: can now be set to either italic or normal.

2022-09-16 v1.13.3

  • Bugfix: content blocks are re-seeded after update if all blocks in a given position are deleted.
  • 3 Outlined shapes: builder, plumber and electrician.

2022-09-15 v1.13.2

  • Bugfix: background emails are not sent due to cron job failure.

2022-09-14 v1.13.1

  • Bugfix: Stripe webhook failure, and PayPal payment failure. Both issues are introduced after adding currency change feature in v1.12.

2022-09-13 v1.13

  • Added all available design options to the home page, and made them available for guest users.

2022-09-10 v1.12.2

  • Translation form bug fix.
  • Added Chinese and Japanese translations.

2022-09-09 v1.12.1

  • Improved messaging in offline payment gateway form.

2022-09-08 v1.12

  • Currency change feature implemented.
  • Bug fix: user role not assigned when adding from the admin panel.

2022-09-06 v1.11

  • Offline Payment gateway implemented.
  • Stripe webhook security improvement.

2022-09-06 v1.10.5

  • Offline Payment gateway implemented.
  • Stripe webhook security improvement.

2022-09-01 v1.10.3

  • 4 new shapes added: Legal, Realtor, Juice, Water Glass.

2022-08-31 v1.10.2

  • System Settings: you can now change UI colors from the admin panel.

2022-08-30 v1.10.1

  • Fix installation issue when running the script on some locations behind a firewall.

2022-08-29 v1.10

  • Advanced gradient feature where you can add as many colors as you want and not only a start and end colors. It is possible also to choose the gradient type (linear, radial) and the gradient angle (for linear gradients).

2022-08-29 v1.9.20

  • Bug fix with Inkscape 0.9.x text rendering.
  • Removed unnecessary log messages.
  • Cleaned up tmp files when rendering text with Inkscape 0.9.x

2022-08-28 v1.9.19

  • Integration with Inkscape 0.9.x if a newer version is not available.

2022-08-28 v1.9.18

  • Added 2 shapes: Star and Sun Rise.

2022-08-26 v1.9.17

  • Bug fix: background removal is not applied when using advanced shapes.
  • Improved SMTP failure error reporting.

2022-08-23 v1.9.16

  • Cronjob warning made more graceful.

2022-08-22 v1.9.15

  • Bugfix: QR code designer preview image is placed wrongly on some screens.
  • Added Barn and Apple shapes.

2022-08-19 v1.9.14

  • Bugfix: QR code generation fails when drop shadow is disable on some shapes.
  • Platfrom improvement: phpmailer is the default smtp transport instead of symfony smtp mail transport, because symfony transport fails to send emails on some environments (we identified an issue with hostgator hosting provider).

2022-08-18 v1.9.13

  • Bugfix: corrected a spelling error in cronjob set up command.
  • Improvement: removed unnecessary log message which is written on every cronjob run.

2022-08-17 v1.9.12

  • Webhook registrar bug fix: an error is logged when trying to register stripe payment gateway hook.

2022-08-16 v1.9.11

  • Mobile UX improvement: QR code preview sticks on screen while scrolling down.
  • UX improvement in QR code form page: disable QR type selector when data is loading.
  • Designer page UI minor improvements.

2022-08-15 v1.9.10

  • Added background for advanced shapes.

2022-08-15 v1.9.9

  • Added 4 new advanced shapes.

2022-08-14 v1.9.7

  • Added Norwegian language.
  • Added an option to disable or enable advanced shape drop shadow.

2022-08-14 v1.9.6

  • Advanced shape: added a new shape (text bottom).
  • UX improvement: improved the style of range slider.
  • Text rendering: added an option to control text size.

2022-08-13 v1.9.5

  • Fonts: font variant can be changed, 5148 variants are supported.
  • Advanced shape improvement: background color is now applied to the whole empty area of the advanced shape.

2022-08-11 v1.9.4

  • API Docs: Created api docs which is accessible through the link /api-docs.

2022-08-08 v1.9.3

  • Platform improvement: database updates can now be done right from the admin panel (System Status page).

2022-08-07 v1.9.2

  • Added an option to change user role from the admin panel.
  • Created subscription form, admin can now subscribe users manually.

2022-08-06 v1.9.1

  • Improved text rendering to support complex layout languages like Arabic and Urdu.

2022-08-05 v1.9

  • QR code text feature:
  • Add or modify text dynamically.
  • 1400+ fonts supported.
  • Auto text resize to fit the placeholder area.
  • Customizable frame and text colors.

2022-08-03 v1.8.4

  • QR detection improvement when using custom eyes and patterns.

2022-07-30 v1.8.3

  • Design improvement: centralized custom finders in the empty finders area of the QR code.
  • UX improvement: made the shape complexity warning more relevant.

2022-07-30 v1.8.2

  • Bugfix: custom finders did not work with gradients.

2022-07-30 v1.8.1

  • Bugfix: custom finders doesn't work with custom shapes and QR code types other than URL.

2022-07-29 v1.8

  • QR code feature: change external and internal eyes. Added 8 custom eyes.

2022-07-26 v1.7.1

  • UI Improvement: QR Code preview page, added toolbar with close button.
  • Designer feature: background color can be changed now, defaults to white.

2022-07-25 v1.7

  • Stripe payment gateway integration with subscription API.

2022-07-21 v1.6.3

  • New module (pattern): triangle ended module.
  • Platform improvement: the system can now be served from a sub directory.

2022-07-21 v1.6.2

  • Critical bugfix: cronjob caused duplicate content blocks to be insterted in every running cycle.

2022-07-20 v1.6.1

  • Installer bug fix.

2022-07-19 v1.6

  • Translation support:
  • Single translation file with easy to edit .json format.
  • Auto translation with one click using Google translation API.
  • 10 Prepacked languages.
  • Content management:
  • Ability to change the home page contents from the backend.
  • Ability to change footer social links from the backend.

2022-07-17 v1.5.13

  • Bugfix: t-shirt and ice cream shapes not working.

2022-07-14 v1.5.12

  • UI Improvement: shape selector now uses preview images instead of text elements.
  • Logo background shape can be either circle or square.

2022-07-14 v1.5.11

  • New modules (patterns): tree, two triangles with circle and four triangles.
  • UI Improvement: added loading indicator to module picker.

2022-07-13 v1.5.10

  • New modules (patterns): fish.
  • UI Improvement: module selection control is now larger with a better preview image.

2022-07-12 v1.5.9

  • New modules (patterns): diamonds.

2022-07-10 v1.5.8

  • New modules (patterns): vertical lines and horizontal lines.

2022-07-09 v1.5.7

  • New module (pattern): roundess module.
  • Star 5 points and start 7 points made slightly larger.
  • Bugfix: source directory of link command in system status page was wrong (this is the main cause of the issue). Was storage/qrcode_files changed to storage/app/qrcode_files
  • Bugfix: current user was not fetched on document load.
  • UI improvement: system status page on mobile device.

2022-07-09 v1.5.6

  • Bug fix: system status falsly reported the storage link command.

2022-07-08 v1.5.5

This update includes platform improvements: - Created system status page which detects any problems in cron jobs, file system, php extensions ... with detailed error messages and instructions to resolve each issue. - Cron jobs and background workers moved to a single endpoint which is /system/cron, instead of multiple command line php endpoints. This makes the installation process even easier! - Firefox minor UI improvement.

2022-07-07 v1.5.4

  • Added 28 preset logos.
  • Logo background size option.
  • Improved memory management in QR Code list page.
  • Bugfix: logo is not positioned at the center of the logo background.

2022-07-05 v1.5.3

  • Logo translate bug fix.

2022-07-05 v1.5.2

  • Added logo background feature.

2022-07-05 v1.5.1

  • Minor UI bugfix.

2022-07-04 v1.5

  • Advanced logo upload feature with scale, rotate, and translate options.
  • Updated designer page so that the preview is on the right side, and form controls on the left.

2022-07-02 v1.4.7

  • Bugfix: iPhone safari crashes on QR code list page.
  • Memory leak: improved memory management to tackle memory leak issues.
  • Bugfix: subscription plan rules are not applied on subscribed users.

2022-07-01 v1.4.6

  • Added new shapes: burger, food, search, ice cream, and salon.

2022-07-01 v1.4.5

  • Bugfix: Firefox fails to render preview images in QR Code list page.

2022-06-30 v1.4.4

  • Improved dashboard layout on mobile devices, fixed bottom alignment issue.
  • Bug fix: logo appearance broken on Chrome Android.

2022-06-30 v1.4.3

  • Bug fix: subscription plan could not be saved when price is 0
  • Bug fix: subscription plan could not be saved when number of dynamic codes is less than 1

2022-06-29 v1.4.2

  • Minor UI improvment: set font family in document head style tag.

2022-06-29 v1.4.1

  • Bug fix: default role is not assigned after sign up.

2022-06-29 v1.4

  • Added pet and gym shapes.
  • Added contact link in the dashboard for users other than admin.
  • Email verification after sign up is now optional, it can be disabled with EMAIL_VERIFICATION_AFTER_SIGN_UP environmental variable
  • Bug fix: when creating URL QR code, the design step will preview a static instead of dynamic destination.

2022-06-28 v1.3

  • Added 10 custom shapes.

2022-06-27 v1.2.9

  • Bug fix: when qrcode list page has many complicated qrcodes, the rendering will be slow due to SVG complexity.
  • Bug fix: sidebar smart button stuck on Safari.
  • Remove star QR code module with 16 points because it looks like circle.

2022-06-27 v1.2.8

  • Bug fix: admin cannot change user email from the user form.
  • UI Improvements:
  • Hide START FREE TRIAL button from the right sidebar when the user is logged in.
  • Logo link to the homepage.
  • Logout link next to the dashboard link on the home page.
  • Account area at the bottom of the dashboard left sidebar. If the user on trial plan, it will show Upgrade button.
  • Smart menu button on the dashboard left sidebar (for desktop users). It will be visible on hover, otherwise it will be hidden.
  • Other improvements:
  • Sync subscription plans with PayPal automatically when PayPal credentials are saved (background task).

2022-06-26 v1.2.7

  • Added 5 new shapes.
  • Bug fix: the installer used to complete and seed the database with wrong environment variables (affecting the base URL of the website).

2022-06-23 v1.2.6

  • Shopping cart shape.
  • Bug fix: cannot set backgound image for qr codes without custom shape.

2022-06-23 v1.2.5

  • Bug fix: PNG qrcode generation fails on the home page.
  • Bug fix: cannot change eye colors with custom shapes (circle and cloud).

2022-06-21 v1.2.4

  • QR Code cloud shape.

2022-06-20 v1.2.3

  • Double click on qr code preview image to enlarge.
  • QR code generation performance improvement.

2022-06-18 v1.2.2

  • Minor UI improvement

2022-06-17 v1.2.1

  • Firefox bug fix.

2022-06-16 v1.2

  • Added multiple modules.

2022-06-13 v1.1.9

  • Added star module.

2022-06-13 v1.1.8

  • Fixed redirect issue when not entering the http protocol. [Dynamic URL QR Code]

2022-06-13 v1.1.7

  • In browser SVG to PNG conversion.
  • Bug fix.

2022-06-12 v1.1.6

  • Added circular shape.
  • Bug fix.

2022-06-11 v1.1.5

  • Logo & background image upload bug fix.
  • Dynamic QR Code bug fix.

2022-06-11 v1.1.4

  • Preview QR Code modal.

2022-06-10 v1.1.3

  • Dots QR Codes Bug fix.

2022-06-09 v1.1.2

  • QR Code generation bug fix

2022-06-09 v1.1.1

  • Added dashboard pages breadcrumbs.
  • VCard QR Code bug fix.

2022-06-08 v1.1.0

  • Added background image design feature.

2022-06-01 v1.0.9

  • Bug fix, security improvement.

2022-05-30 v1.0.8

  • Bug fix in user list page.

2022-05-28 v1.0.7

  • Sitemap created.
  • Bug fix.

2022-05-27 v1.0.6

  • Contact page, contact form and database contact module (for submitted forms).
  • About page.
  • Content block module, to build dynamic content.

2022-05-25 v1.0.5

  • Bug fix.

2022-05-24 v1.0.4

  • Created blog module.
  • Bug fixes.

2022-05-22 v1.0.3

  • Bug fixes.

2022-05-21 v1.0.2

  • Bug fixes.

2022-05-20 v1.0.1

  • Custom logo upload in QR Code designer.
  • Background verification email sending (moved to queued jobs).