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Installation is completed, but I cannot save anything

Steps to reproduce

If you can create new records from the admin area, but cannot update any record, then PUT requests might be blocked on your server.

We are seeing this happening with latest versions of cPanel / WHM.

Suggested fix

If you have your own VPS / Dedicated server, then ssh into your server and execute the following commands.


If you do not have access to WHM open a ticket with your hosting provider and explains to them that HTTP PUT requests are blocked on your account.

cd /etc/apache2/

tail -f error_log

Now open your browser, and try to save any record, and keep an eye on the updated error in the terminal window.

You might notice a mod_security error with 403 status code. Copy the rule name of the error.


The rule which caused this issue might be: REQUEST-949-BLOCKING-EVALUATION.conf

Now go to WHM and search for ModSecurity Vendors. Find the specified rule which caused this issue and click on Disable button next to it.