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Building and deployment

During the build process, source files are concatinated and minified in a single file. Only built files should be uploaded to your server.


Execute the following command in your terminal:

npm run build

You should get a result similar to the following:

Build result

In your build folder you will get 2 files, the generated bundle and index.blade.php file which is the main laravel layout.

Build folder


The generated build files must be uploaded to your server as following:

  • bundle-a21c48cf.js file to public_html/public/bundle-a21c48cf.js
  • index.blade.php file to public_html/resources/views/index.blade.php


The file name bundle-a21c48cf.js is generated based on the bundle hash, it will change on every build, the generated index.blade.php file takes into account that change in bundle name.


public_html refers to your web root folder, which might be different based on your hosting configuration.