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QR Code Scan Issues

Why my QR code is not detectable / scannable by mobile devices?

There are many reasons that could prevent your QR code from being detectable, here are a some of them:

Logo position or logo size

  1. If you add your logo to the QR code, it should not cover more than 30% of the data area.

  2. The logo should not cover any of QR code eyes, covering eyes will result in detection failure.


If you are using custom shapes, let's say a t-shirt shape, the logo can cover more than 30% of the whole image, not the actual QR code area, but in the area outside of the actual QR code.

Eyes and patterns

  1. You can choose either to use custom eyes or custom patterns, not both of them. Patterns with small module size are difficult to detect by mobile devices. You can still use custom modules with custom eyes if units are connected to each other.

Below are some examples of scannable and unscannable QR codes.

Image Description Scannability
Custom eye with custom module
Custom eye
Custom module
Logo with custom shape that covers the top right eye
Logo with custom shape, the logo covers most of the QR code data area (which is between the 3 eyes).
QR code with custom shape and the logo is positioned at the center of data area, and it does not cover more than 30% of it.
QR code with custom shape and a large logo that does not cover the data area. .
Basic QR code with logo at the middle, it does not cover more than 30% of its data area.