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Frontend Customization

Main Colors

Colors can be changed from System > Settings > Appearance > Frontend Styles

Frontend Colors

Override Default Images

Any image can be overriden if it is found in the override directory in public folder.

Let's override the default blue background.

  1. Create the following folders in public directory:
  2. public/override
  3. public/override/assets
  4. public/override/assets/images

    Pro Tip

    If you have ssh access, you can create the above structure by executing a single command.

    cd into/your/project/root/dir
    mkdir -p public/override/assets/images
    1. Design a new background and the file name should be qrcode-showcase-bg-1.png
    2. Upload the file to public/override/assets/images

The new background should be picked automatically and your changes will not be lost in future updates of the script.

Overide example

Apply to all

The same techinque can be used to override any image found in the assets folder.

Add the home page generator to your wordpress website.

This can be done by loading the dashboard assets and then adding a single html tag to your website.